Sunday, December 26, 2010

Report on Shoes Stall at HS Building

Friday, November 05, 2010







Increasing of stall rental in HS Building (near HS Cafe) by referring to the shoes stall which led to the owner to close the stall because he cannot afford to pay the rent. It has created difficulties among students who want to repair their shoes because there is no other shoes stall in HS building.

Meeting the officer of Food, Facilities & Services Division (FFSD).




The rental rate is not increasing at all. The service of shoes stall's owner was terminated due his incapability to abide and follow the terms & conditions set by the top management of FFSD- which cannot be released to public. Therefore, it is not the issue of stall rental as reported by the students and the stall owner.

Report on Meeting with Y. Bhg Prof Datuk Khairil Anas Jusoh, Special Officer to Prime Minister

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The meeting was dated on 9th August 2010, 10.30 pm – 11.30 pm at the Senate Hall. It was chaired by Prof. Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod, Deputy Rector (Student Affairs). The meeting began with a welcoming remark from the Chairman and he explained the objective of the meeting which is to provide an opportunity for IIUM students' leaders to meet and to have a dialogue with Y.Bhg Prof Datuk Khairil Anas Jusoh who was a students' leader during his study in IIUM.

Y. Bhg Datuk introduced himself and shared with the students' leaders his experience on his involvement in student movement when he was studied in IIUM. He was a member of SRC during 1992/1993 session. After that, Y. Bhg Datuk opened the floor for discussion and gave the chance for the students' leaders to ask any question regarding to any matter

The question/suggestion/request and the respond from rector are as below:





Sr. Zatil Arifah (Vice President III, SRC) asked about Y. Bhg Datuk opinion regarding the future Malaysian leaders

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that theoretically, the current students' leaders should be the future Malaysian leaders. However, practically, the one who will be the Malaysian leader is who was not being a students' leader during his study. Due to that, he challenged all the students' leaders to be the Malaysian leaders in the future. He also said that, the current post you were holding in the university was just training for us. The real world is when we graduated.


Sr. Izyan Hazwani (Chairperson of Welfare Sec, SRC) asked about students involvement in politic

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that every student has parents and the students belong to their parents. Y. Bhg Datuk asked about the real intention of the parents for sending their children to the university and the answer is to study. Thus, Y. Bhg Datuk advised the students to focus on the real intention and the core business of a student.


Br. Afiq (Former President, Mahallah Ali) questioned why the overseas students are allowed to involve in politic compared to local students

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that the overseas students did involve directly with politics. As local students not allowed involving because we have some limitation.


Br. Asyraf (President of ARCHIMIC) said that students' leaders should focus on issue in IIUM

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with him by saying there are differences in leadership in campus and outside. Leaders should play their own role. The leaders have to have good 'niat' and the intention and attention


Sr. Hafizah (President of Mahallah Asma') inquired a comment from Y. Bhg Datuk about the need of a role model. However, the role model should not necessarily a politician.

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with her by saying that the role model should not necessarily just a person. We can choose many persons to be our role model for example one role model for one area and as a leader, we should learn and know many areas for example economy, education, religion and also politic.


Sr. Hidayatul Karimah (Secretary General of SRC) said that people were saying that the current students' leaders are not as aggressive as the former students' leaders.

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that he disagreed with that. He said that time is different. The needs during the previous time are different compared to the current. Thus, the students' leaders must define the current need and act based on that.


Sr. Amy (Secretary General of ENGINIUS) asked Y. Bhg Datuk how he handled issues rose during his time being an SRC.

Y. Bhg Datuk answered by saying that during his time, it was very beginning. Thus, they just need to settle the very basic issues for example separating brother & sister. However, nowadays, the students' leaders should focus on bigger issue for example how to compete with non-muslim in industrial sector.


Sr. Atiqah (WAFA) said that leadership is a dai'e. She then asked about what is the best way to be the best leader

Y. Bhg Datuk responded by saying that he agreed with that and the best leader is the one who know what is the real need of his followers.


Br. Yusri (Chairperson of Academic Sec, SRC) gave his opinion about being a leader is a responsibility that leaders have to carry. A leader must be a well-informed people, used the information to be a good leader and understand what he is doing

Y. Bhg Datuk responded by saying all leaders are well informed people and educated enough to think about what should be done. However, most of the leaders not think before do something. A leader should have a principle to think and digest the information and spread it.


Sr. Hafizah (President of Mahallah Asma') said that when involve in 'outside world', there are many external factors that opposite our principal for example shaking hands between male & female and she asked how to face the situation

Prof. Nik responded that the challenge outside will grow our maturity. A leader must be decisive and handle any issue according to priority.


Br. Muhammad Firwan (President of SRC) raised an issue of 1 Malaysia which has not been practice accordingly. He mentioned that during a last MPP Convention, there is a programme only for Malays although there were many Chinese and Indian. He then brought an issue on ranking university where Malaysia emphasizes to achieve ranking university while university students' morality is not that good. Third issue raised by him was a common practice for example by politician to shake hands with different gender, where as politicians, they should know the hukm.

1 Malaysia:

Y. Bhg Datuk answered by saying the sincerity of the government to uphold the 1 Malaysia concept is there. 1 Malaysia should be evolved dynamically and perhaps new approach should be taken on how to make Malaysians together with government in upholding the concept. Students' leaders may help government to improve the concept.

Ranking university:

A university has to achieve higher rank. The issue of personality / moral must not be the obstacle of the main objective of the university. It is hope for all of us to have a good personality of students.


Sr. Nur Sakinah (EMSS) said that the students should focus on study however, she think that the students should know what the issue happen around them is and have a concern to society.

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with her. However, the students are not in the authority to decide. Students always to think about what the government is doing and can give a judgment either negative or positive.


Br. Faez (SRC) raised an issue of terrorist exist among IIUM students which make the students feel afraid and unsafe and stop from doing any activities or programmes. He assisted a help from Y. Bhg Datuk since he is closed with the Prime Minister

Y. Bhg Datuk responded by saying he did discussed with Majlis Member on the issue. The government is looking this issue in a broader view and the police are doing their job accordingly. Nothing to be fear of.


Br. Asyraf (ARCHIMIC) gave his opinion by saying that all of us have a choice to choose but why we always go for extreme. Your perception is depending on the choices. Malays can compete with others if have a confident. He then asked about when he should stop to involve in programmes, society and to spend more time with his family

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with him then answered that he should continue on what he is doing. His family will understand and support him for every beneficial things he did.


Sr Izyan (SRC) said that she respect the differences in opinion however we should clearly understand which is right and which is wrong. She then said that MPP may plays a role in promoting the concept of 1 Malaysia

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that he will bring forward the matters discussed to the higher authority.

Towards the end, Prof Dr Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod thanks Y.Bhg Prof Datuk Khairil Anas Jusoh for his time spent on the dialogue. The dialogue ended approximately at 11.30 pm by recitation of tasbih kafarah and Surah al-'Asr.

Convocation Fiesta 2010 (CONVEST ’10) Summary Report

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alhamdulillah, the Convocation Fiesta 2010 (CONVEST ’10) has successfully reached its end. Here is the programme report of the glorious event.

The Opening Ceremony of CONVEST ’10 held at the Convest Hill was a programme that succeed with the joining hands between SRC and the Entrepreneurship Club whom organized STABAZ. The ceremony was celebrated splendidly by IIUM students on 1st October 2010, with our honourable Rector, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid, who had officially launched the opening of Convocation Fiesta 2010. The gimmick of the launching was presented with full of suspense. After the launching by the Rector, cultural performances were held to cheer the crowd which includes the IIUM Zapin Club (or also known as Nafas Tari) and nasyeed performances by UmmulQura’.

On the same day, IIUM Chocolate Fair had also started from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the KAED Gallery. The event took place from 1st to 4th of October with 30 chocolate vendors who participated in this fair to promote their products. In spite of that, many mini games were also held during the fair like eating competition, cupcakes decoration, colouring contest for the children, and etcetera.

On 2nd of October, Grand Exhibition and Seminar on Exploring the Future of Islam and Muslim World were started. Grand Exhibition opened from 2nd to 4th October took place at the riverside received great attention from the IIUM community as well as visitors. Not only by having exhibitors, they attracted the crowd with performances such as taekwondo, international and kids fashion show, yoyo and angklung. As for Seminar, the programme was held at the Engineering Main Auditorium from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the same day. This one day programme participated by 94 participants were not only from among the IIUM students, but also from other universities as well. Good response received regarding the nature of this programme.

On 5th of October, a grand forum entitled “Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga” was held at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque with publicly known figures as the panelists. This grand forum has achieved its targeted audiences which are the IIUM students and the outsiders. The forum which includes Ustazah Dato’ Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood, Ustaz Wan Akasya and Brother Mohd Nurul Imran bin Koyube, the president of, as the panelists had achieved its objectives which were to promote the university as a centre for legal unique education, to familiarize and to promote the students and the community with the challenges and benefits of the beauty of Islam.

On the next day, 6th October 2010, Palestine: Tomorrow Will Be Free concert was held at the Great Hall CAC. This programme was the highlight of the week since a famous international artist was invited, and he is Maher Zain. Special session were held for him at the beginning of the programme and followed by performances by nasyeedians like ShoutulHarakah, In-Team, Muadz, and many more. Also, there is a theatre performance by our own production team, and young nasyeedians from the al-Amin school. At the end of the programme, a special session with the LL4G volunteers was held for the audience to be able to share their experiences in the mission of helping Gaza. Instead of that, donation boxes were also passed around to the audiences for them to donate for the assistance to Gaza. In addition, CONVEST ’10 was also officially closed by our Rector.

Last but not least, Intervarsity Mega Futsal Tournament 2010 (I-MEF ’10) which was held from 9th to 10th of October at both Male and Female Sport Complexes.I-MEF ’10 had been organised to enhance the spirit of sportsmanship by developing the interest of sports among IIUM’s student. The tournament was made open to all IIUM students and team from other institutions. It received positive feedback and the programme had run smoothly from the beginning until the end.

Thanks to Allah s.w.t. for His blessings and the strength He gave us to make this event a reality. Also special thanks to the committees who had worked a lot and had gave their best commitment towards this programme. Thank you.

Report Meeting With ITD

Friday, June 18, 2010

On 12nd May 2010, 2.30 - 3.45 pm at the Office of ITD, there were 2 representative from SRC and the advisor of SRC has meeting with Director of ITD. The main purpose of the meeting is, ITD now is promoting MySMS service which is for students. Instead of using IIUM Portal to check the result, students can use the service to do so. ITD are encouraging students to use the service, so that IIUM Portal no need to serve many user especially during peak time. This service is very easy to use with some charge need to pay by the user. ITD hopes that students will utilize the service wisely.

ITD now also try to get the feedback from students about the service. The director of ITD said, ITD now are working hard on restructure the official website of IIUM. So, they need the opinion or idea from students what need to be in the website so that our website will be the best website among the universities in Malaysia. Other than that, the Director hope that, students can hosting their website using IIUM hosting. In addition, he said that our university have many programs but the visitor do not know about the program due to outside hosting.

Regarding wireless issue, the Director said, their target is to ensure that IIUM is cover by wireless connection. The performance of the connection is other issue due to budget. However, ITD will try their best to give the best wireless service to students. Furthermore, Director of ITD recommended students to have the original version of antivirus software. He said, many students used free version of antivirus and this is not good either for laptop or desktop where the protection is not optimum. This situation can affect the connection is IIUM because the biggest user of wireless in IIUM is students itself. So, the Director recommended students to use F Secure Antivirus. Students can get it at the ‘koperasi’ near center with price about 75 ( 3 users).

Other than that, the Director also mention about the students webmail. Each student to have their own webmail and they can use it for free. He said, students must take the advantage of having the webmail because there are a lot of feature we can get from the service. ITD is collaborated with the Microsoft for this webmail service.

Report on Meeting with IIUM President

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On 27th April 2010, SRC had made a meeting with the IIUM President's, Tan Sri Sidek Hasan that at 12 pm. The meeting started with the introduction speech by the President. He welcomed us to Putrajaya. Amongst the main aims of the meeting was to update to the IIUM President with the recent development happening in IIUM for him to keep informed the real overview about the students’ condition in campus. Besides that, the meeting also aimed to build a good relationship between The President and the students’ leaders as well as all IIUM students in general.

In his speech, Tan Sri mentioned that, as for now, IIUM succeeds in producing well rounded individuals especially those from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws which currently is acknowledged to produce best law students in the country. In addition, IIUM graduates are better compared to others because we are using English and Arabic language as medium of instructions as well as in the learning process. Another unique characteristic of IIUM is that we have the largest chunk of the foreign students currently which add more colour to the institution.

Furthermore, IIUM also is well known to produce good debaters in Arabic, English and Malay languages .Finally, he stressed that, the students of IIUM need to be more creative in their live in order for them to be recognized as excellence graduates who are well equipped with the knowledge and soft skills. Before ending his speech, Tan Sri advised the students to contribute more to the country and prevent themselves from doing wrongful act.

After the honorable President finished his speech, he opened the floor for the members of the meeting to rise up any issue, question, or problem. The session started by Vice President 2 of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). He firstly thanked the honourable President for his concern towards the students’ problem since the issues and problems mentioned by the students’ leaders during the previous meeting have been well tackled.

After that, other students’ leader raised their own questions and suggestions. The details are as follow:

1st Question:

Sister Zatil Arifah (Vice President 3 of SRC) complained about wild dogs and monkeys and mentioned that it is a serious matter because this endangered the safety of the students.


Prof. Nik Ahmad Kamal (Deputy Rector Student Affairs) said that Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) has decided to come regularly and he also advised students to stop giving the animals any food. He added that we cannot simply shoot the animals because they belong to MPS and PERHILITAN but IIUM has already collaborated with orang asli to catch the dogs.

Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan (IIUM President) asked his assistant to call MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Selayang) and Jabatan Perhilitan to tackle the problem quickly.

2nd Question:

Chairperson of Academic Secretariat asked about the possibility to include the co-curriculum credit into CGPA.

He also asked Tan Sri’s point of view about Research University (RU).

Then he question on the reason why the students have to pay RM500 if they graduate early than scheduled before.


Prof. Nik Ahmad Kamal explained that there are two types of co-curriculum activity. One is credited and another one is non-credited. He agreed for all co-curriculum activity to be credited into CGPA. However, the problem is the total credit required for graduation will increase. He will bring this matter to the Senate and agreed that 6 credits should be given to uniform bodies.

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid (Rector) said that there are certain qualifications to be a RU and IIUM is already qualified.

Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan added that, we can be RU but the main important is about the quality of the IIUM students.

Bro. Amir Zahiruddin Kamal Pasha (SRC’s Advisor) in answering the early graduate matter said it is because of the agreement with the PTPTN and it acts as compensation to them.

3rd Question:

Bro. Zulqarnain from Cultural Unit inquired Tan Sri’s point of view on the World Gamelan Festival. He also mentioning that there is no training room for Gamelan team.


Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan stressed out that good graduates are those equipped with good academic result as well as skills in culture activity. So, he encouraged the students to engage more actively in cultural and co-curriculum activity.

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid really encouraged the students to join this cultural activity and he also agreed that this activity need space and their own room.


Monday, May 10, 2010

In the presence of
1-En Abdullah Hj Zawawi- Chief Officer of Security Management
2-En Umar- Asst. Chief Officer of Security Management
3-En Azmee – Investigation Officer of Security Management
4-En Syamsudin- Traffic Officer of Security Management

Date : 22rd March 2010 (MONDAY)
Time : 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Venue : Security Control Office

Problem 1:Theft cases

•There were about 5 laptops missing in Mahallah Aminah and Mahallah Asiah.
•A motorcycle had been missing in Mahallah Uthman.


•Witness was brought to the police station and the suspect was recognized.
•Guard made an observation 2, 3 times at that certain place.

•The area of recent lost cases in Mahallah Bilal and Usman.
•Risky place to lost motorcycle is at parking between ITD and library.

Problem 2: Rumours

•Black magic
•Rape cases in sister’s mahallah


•No reports of black magic.
•In fact the case was an attempt of rape and action had been brought up to the attention of police.

•Security Officers of Mahallah Maryam, stated the facts of the case were they informed that a male foreign student made some tricks and snatched a purse of a student.

Problem 3:Parking
•The issue brought up is related to less parking places for cars.
•Students complaining that there were vehicles without IIUM’ stickers occupying the parking provided in IIUM.

•Actions shall be taken against cars without IIUM stickers.
•But, the security officers had not yet taken it into a very strict enforcement since it was the examination weeks.

Problem 4: Dating
•Male and female Students are dating in front of the female Mahallah gates especially in front of Aminah and Hafsah.
•Many students are very much concerned by the dating issue, since it destroys the image of IIUM as an Islamic University.


•Any complaint to the security or available fellow at that time and further actions shall be taken.
•Security Officers have been given rights to penalize the students whom they found dating in IIUM.

Problem 4: Wild dogs and monkeys

•It is already been informed that dogs and monkeys is an issue that the administration should be concerned about.


•Students can report to Security Officers if they were in contact with dogs and monkeys.

Problem 5: Closure gate at Mahallah

•Students complained that the gate close too early.
•Students requested to enter the Mahallah even after the closer of the gates, especially during the rainy weather.

•The gate will close at 9. The only cars allowed to enter are the ones that have IIUM sticker.

•The Security Management will consider the matters brought up by the students.


Date : 22nd March 2010-04-16
Time : 2.00- 3.00pm
Venue : Office of Finance Division

A female student who is residence of Mahallah Aminah came to see Welfare Secretariat of Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010 and informed us about her financial problems. She is the first out of six siblings and most of them still study at secondary school. She had to use part of the money she got from PTPTN to help her family because her mother does not work and her father works as a security guard with the basic salary of RM 495 with a pension from the army. Her father still faces difficulties in supporting the whole family. Due to that, we met Encik Nik Haziman Nik Mat, Senior Executive Officer, one of the officers at Students Affairs Divison for further action.

According to him, there are three financial assistances in IIUM that are Zakat, IIUM Advancement, and Khairat Fund. For Zakat, forms are available at Zakat and Training Services Unit. The applications are open for all full time registered students of IIUM. The assistance will be on food and daily expenses only and strictly not for tuition fees payment. For those successful applicants, they are exempted from applying for zakat assistance for the next 2 semester. The reason behind that is to give opportunity to other students who need it more.

IIUM advancement is a kind of loan for students. Any student can apply for the financial assistance provided but they have to pay back the amount. The only condition that they have to comply with is they must have something to guarantee they could pay back the loan for example if the student got PTPTN, the loan could be payed from there. The form to apply is available at STAD Office and every mahallah in IIUM.

To apply for Khairat Fund, the student does not need to go through an interview, they only need to fill in the form which is available at STAD. Also, The amount for this financial assistance is not that much and it depends on how critical the case is.

In her situation, she was advised to apply for Khairat Fund to assist her in her financial problems. It is advisable to all students that are interested in applying for funds or any related financial assistant to attach with their details the reason for applying to such fund. This is important to help the administrator of financial assistant to evaluate the application accordingly.

Report on Rector Student Syura

Thursday, April 29, 2010

On 19th March 2010, the Rector Student Syura had been held at 4 pm at the Senate hall. The Syura started with a speech by the honourable Rector, Prof Dato’ Sri Syed Arabi Idid. He briefly informed about the objectives of Rector Student Syura (RSS). According to him RSS aims is to manage the students’ perception and to settle students' issues. Besides that, this syura also aimed to build a good relationship between Rector and the students’ leaders as well as all IIUM students. In addition, the honourable Rector also explained and told the students that IIUM is the only public University that use English in all subjects.

On the other hand, the honourable Rector also mentioned about the university expenditure. RM 350 Million funded per year for utilities in IIUM, approximately RM 1 Million per month for electricity, RM 10,000 per month for water and the light opened at night for security reason. As for Industrial rate for example like excavation and clear the river involved RM 600,000 per year. RM 15 Million per year is also funded for cleanliness and cutting grass purposes.

After the honourable Rector finished his speech, he opened the floor for discussion and gave the chance for the students’ leaders to ask any question regarding to any matter. The President of SRC, Br Muhammad Firwan b Norliza started the session by some introduction regarding SRC’s involvement and activities. He distributed the SRC’s report regarding to what SRC have done and report on some welfare issue. After that, the other students’ leader raised their own question and suggestion. The question or suggestion and the respond from rector are as below:


1.Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS) requested a special meeting with the Rector regarding dissolution of PGSS due to lack of quorum.

2.(a)Wawasan Club (Bro Akmal Saufi) inquired the Rector on how to strengthen the ties and engagement between IIUM Alumni (42000 graduated) with the IIUM students.

Alumni of IIUM consist of 42,000 graduate and 15,000 international students. Students need to engage themselves with the Alumni

(b)Entrepreneurships in IIUM for students.

- They have done workshop and seminars but the impact was not strong and is not as effective as they expected.
- Rector wanted the students to take more important role in entrepreneurship like involving themselves in business for example in bazaars and so on.

(c)Complaint about IIUM students that go to Clubs and Bars

Regarding drugs, prostitution, and drinking beer among IIUM students, they are not sure whether it is a reality or just a mere perception.

3.Bro Salam (BEDSA) inquires about the appointed seat, representative for BEDSA.

Representative for INSTED (BEDSA) is not appointed yet.
What have been appointed are as follows:

a.International students’ representative in Kuantan,
b.Non-muslim representative, dentistry
c.Handicapped seat.

- appointed representatives will not hold office and the representatives will be selected based on CGPA and their involvement in cocuriculum. The best will be chosen.

4.Planning for the poor and needy

-Zakat will be given to the needy.
-free foods will be given to very poor students.
-Student assistantship provided by the library.

5.Issue of the abolishment of attendance

It depends on each kulliyyah as autonomy was given to each kulliyah to decide whether they want to abolish or not, the attendance policy and system.

-Kulliyah must come up with their own attention.

- There are some kulliyyah where the attendance is very important to make sure they can get good result such as kulliyyah of engineering and Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design.

-Kulliyah will post to the senate the decision and will inform the students pertaining to this matter.

6.Intellectual Youth Club (IYC) suggests, president of SRC chair the Senate meeting between the students as they are the representative and voice of the students.

Rector said that senate is totally academic. If want to discuss with student, outside senate.

7.Regarding Speaker’s corner, students must be creative and IYC would like to take responsibility for the speaker’s corner and will be used once a week or twice in 2 weeks

Speaker’s corner is actually called expressive corner’ and not speaker’s corner. So that, the students can express anything that they want to and they can do what ever they want such as singing, playing guitar or reciting poem. The expressive corner is located in front of Azman Hashim complex

8.Regarding election, students suggested to the University to allocate general seats so that the students can choose their president for SRC.He also suggested to give freedom to the candidates pertaining to their poster and merchandise for campaign

Campus election campaign, freedom was given for students to have their own poster but with limitations as this would affect the poor who do not have money to campaign.

-longer period of campaign was given. Campaign was not aggressive. Previously there was fight.

9.Problems with dogs and monkeys. Suggest collaborate with DBKL

Regarding the issues of dogs and monkeys, IIUM has discussed with the town council and town board.
-Have dealt with the orang asli to catch the monkeys and dogs and not to kill.
-Dogs from Taman Melawati and monkeys from the destroyed forest for building construction of KICT

10.Opinion regarding proposal for activities need to submit 21 days before actual activity.

If a programme is an intellectual programme, it will have the support regardless the 21 days rule.

11.Sometimes opinions needed to response to current issues.

current issues should be explained by the administration

12.Request for more operating room (O.R) for the society and a few big program

IIUM cannot give more O.R as they have limited rooms and is short of rooms for classes i.e: CELPAD needs more rooms for classes

(a)LAWSOC suggests before any law be implemented must conduct a survey before been approved by Senate.

(b)Regarding free foods to be given to the needy, it would be very difficult to determine whether needy or not.

(c)Zakat from student

Zakat money is allocated from the Alumni Office RM 100,000/month collection.

14.Don Luqman from Kulliyah of Science, regarding allocation for building of Mahallah. Mahallah built outside campus.

10th Malaysian Budget Plan (2011) has allocated money.
-Mahallah is included in the budget. 4500 rooms will be built.
-process and procedures time consuming for 500 rooms takes 1 year, and to choose contractors.
-IIUM is still searching for building for mahallah. Look building nearby to be used as mahallah.
-When IIUM Kuantan campus has its own mahallah,IIUM will sell back the temporary mahallah building.
-The issue will be settled within 10 years.

15.Nursing and medical hospital in Kuantan

Hospital has 300 bedrooms. Government has agreed with the proposed establishment.
-more discussion with MOHE and Ministry of Health.
-will wait for the best bid and proposal for the specification.
-It will take 3 years time to be completed.

16.MRC Mahallah Sallahuddin:

-MRC in Mahallah Sallahuddin newly established.
Update and explanation :
- mix of male and females in the mahallah, have taken steps and security measures like no more sports beyond 12 midnight, and gate will be closed and locked at 12 midnight.

17.Regarding Wireless zone

Wireless has been provided but signals at times slow. May be because of downloading.

-planning on new policy.

Engineering Constituency : 1st Report Semester 2 2009/2010

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The installation of cable/hubs for the wireless internet at mahallah is still in progress. Some of the mahallah already got the access to the wireless internet but some are not. Hopefully, all students can be patience while waiting for the installation to be completed. Please use the internet wisely once it has been installed.

Since 5 years ago, SRC has fight for getting the wireless at our campus. However, we cannot get it in the glimpse of eye. The process of installing the wireless began at Gombak campus, followed by Kuantan campus and lastly the matriculation campus. Now, the installation process at all mahallah is still in progress. Hence, your patience, understanding and support are highly appreciated.


Up until now, FFSD is working on to replace the food price poster at all café. All the details information regarding the food prices can be viewed through the FFSD website.

Since last year, engineering constituency has travel back and forth to FFSD to ensure that the food price in all mahallah and kulliyyah is standardized. Pamphlets regarding the food prices has been printed out and distributed. However, only several food prices are stated in the pamphlet.

As a student, we must know our right regarding the food prices. Any enquiries concerning the details of the food prices, or want to comment about the services and cleanliness of the café, please visit FFSD website and forward your complaints or comments to


The budget for upgrading the study room has been approved and received from the Deputy Dean Student Affairs on 26th April 2010. Insya-Allah, the study room will be ready to be used in this coming short semester. Thus, the study room for sisters is at E1-3-13 and E1-3-15 for brothers.


A meeting was held on 3rd March 2010 with Dr. Zuraida Ahmad, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs regarding this matter. Dr. Zuraida encouraged the students to join IEM (undergraduate). In addition, the fee is only RM20 compared to RM50 after graduating. However, if we are not registered now, we must pay the fee around RM200.


The parking space at Kulliyyah of Engineering is limited; therefore we discussed this issue with Dr. Zuraida for her attention. The issue raised up by Dr. Zuraida is about the environmental and landscape of IIUM. However, we will try our best to settle the problem to help the students.


We had received a report from students come graders, demonstrators and tutors in KOE regarding the delayed of allowance payment for the months of December 2009, January and February 2010. Further actions have been taken and a meeting was held on 8th April 2010 with Sis. Azura, Finance Representative from office of the Dean, KOE and she said that they have just submitted all the details to the Finance Division IIUM on 8th April 2010. Finance Division KOE will try their best to expedite the allowances payment so that it can be made by 15th to 17th of April 2010. In addition, a letter regarding this matter had been sent to Madam Norhana Mohd Yunos, Director of Finance Division IIUM and carbon copy to Dato' Ahmad Zailan Shaari, Executive Director Finance Division IIUM and Dr. Amir Akramin Shafie, Dean of KOE. Director of Finance Division IIUM had replied the letter and informed that their Assistant Accountant at our Kulliyyah who was handling the payment had resigned without prior notice in December 2009. Alhamdullillah, a new Assistant Accountant has been recruited in March this year and the allowances already been paid on 15th April 2010. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

If you have any ideas on how to improve SRC 2009/2010, kindly forward your comments to . You are also invited to visit our office at level 4, above Muamalat Bank.



Report of Meeting with all Welfare’s Excos of all mahallah

Monday, March 22, 2010

Update progress meeting with Madam Sakinah (Head Mahallah Administration and Coordination) on student's welfare brought up in SRC meeting with all Welfare Exco's of all Mahallah in IIUM.

Date: 19th February 2010
Time: 8.30pm - 11.15 pm
Venue: SRC Office Meeting Room

These are some of the problems that have been highlighted during the meeting.


A.Mahallah Maryam

1. Problem: Security issue-some block are dark because there are no enough lamp.
Remarks: Mdm Sakinah said that students should report the problems to IP.

2. Problem: Monkey issue.
Remarks: IIUM’S admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

3. Problem: There are some noisy announcements.
Remarks: Couldn’t be help because usually the announcements been made by the
mahallah officers are related to important matters.

4. Problem: No washing machine at the block.
Remarks: Additional request couldn’t be entertained by admin since they had
provided the washing machine at the mahallah centre facilities.

5. Problem: The café was close during holiday.
Remarks: Cafe’s owner could not bear to suffer losses since there were not many
students around during vacation.

6.Problem: No lamp at the corridor.

B.Mahallah Ameenah

1. Problem: Male students enter the mahallah after 9pm.
Remarks: Will ensure the security to take action.

2. Problem: Students do not wear proper attire at the café.
Remarks: To bring the matter to the Mahallah’s principal.

3. Problem: The alarm always rings till late at night.
Remarks: Shall be brought to IP’s attention.

4. Problem: TV room is small and the channels have no variety in choice.
Remarks: Those are the only facilities able to be provide by IIUM.

C. Mahallah Hafsa

1. Problem: No variety of foos at the cafe and close at 9pm.

2. Problem: No cyber cafe.
Remarks: Most cyber cafe is running at lost since IIUM had provide wireless facilities most in
IIUM zone.

D. Mahallah Asiah

1. Problem: Monkey issue.
Remarks: IIUM's admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

E. Mahallah Ruqayyah

1. Problem: The lamp is not function at the correct time.
Remarks: Shall be brought to IP's attention.

2. Problem: Students at elite block give some reasonable complaints to MRC.

3. Problem: Monkey issue.
Remarks: IIUM's admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

F. Mahallah Sumayyah

1. Problem: The lamp at the walkway from female mahallah to AIKOL is not function.
Remarks: It wa unsettled issues from many years.


A. Mahallah Uthman

1. Problem: The hostel not repaint yet.
Remarks: Mahallah Uthman's turn for repainting will coming soon.

2. Problem: Stdudents did not get the curtain yet.
Remarks: This year, admin decided not to provide curtains yet to Mahallah Uthman.

3. Problem: Flood when heavy rain.
Remarks: Shall bring the matter to Mahallah Uthman's office.

4. Problem : Vandalism
Remarks: IIUM admin is concern on that matter

5. Problem: Theft issue.

6. Problem: Lamp at garage is not function.
Remarks: Shall be brought this to IP's attention.

B. Mahallah Farouq

1. Problem: Stdudents did not get the curtain yet.
Remarks: This year, admin decided not to provide curtains yet to Mahallah Uthman.

2. Problem: IP take a long time to repair toilets and other facilities.
Remarks: Shall bring this to IP attention.

3. Problem: No grill at block E and D.
Remarks: Will take action.

4. Problem: Poor and sick students.
Remarks: Please report immediately to Mahallah office or STAD.

5. Problem: The facilities for sport are not good-no lamp, no ring.

C. Mahallah Zubair

1. Problem: Dogs and cats issue.
Remarks: IIUM’S admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

2. Problem: Not enough parking lots.
Remarks: Enforcement action will be taken to students who drive cars illegally.

3. Problem: Cafetreia request change the tender.
Remarks: Difficult to entertain since IIUM is bonding contract with them.

4. Problem: No washing machine at the block.
Remarks: Additional request couldn’t be entertained by admin since they had
provided the washing machine at the mahallah centre facilities.

5. Problem: Didnt get wireless connection.
Remarks: Wireless connection is in upgraded process.

D. Mahallah Ali

1. Problem: No grill except block G.
Remarks: Will take action.

2. Problem: The lamp at the road from Ali to Zubair are not function.
Remarks: Shall be brough to IP's attention.

3. Problem: Request too change the road in front of mahallah.
Remarks: Impossible to be done as changing road will result to worse condition whereby flood
may happen if there were rain heavily.


Reported by,



Welfare Secretariat

Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010





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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hari melawat hospital...

Seharian meluangkan masa di hospital menziarah Atuk saudara yang sedang sakit akibat diserang stroke beberapa hari yang lepas. Mohon doa kalian semoga atuk saudara penulis kembali pulih seperti biasa.InsyaAllah.

Usai solat zohor di Surau Hospital Besar Pulau Pinang, penulis bersama ayah ke wad C15 menziarah sahabat ayah yang baru bersara. Melihat satu lagi keajaiban Ilahi. Setelah hampir 2 bulan sahabat ayah terlantar tidak sedarkan diri akibat diserang beberapa penyakit serentak, suhanallah, dengan kehendakNya, beliau tadi kembali sedar dan pulih seperti biasa.

Beliau menghidapi penyakit buah pinggang, diabetis, dan beberapa lagi penyakit lain. Dikatakan doktor, peluang untuk hidup hanya 30:70. Buah pinggang beliau, kedua-duanya rosak. Jika ada harapanpun beliau untuk sembuh, hanya bergantung kepada mesin pencuci buah pinggang.

Tetapi, yang paling mengejutkan, buah pinggang yang dikatakan rosak kembali normal. Diabetis yang terlalu tinggi bacaannya, juga kembali di paras normal. Hebatnya kuasa Allah. Berkat doa sahabat-sahabat beliau dan juga ahli keluarganya, beliau kini menunggu masa untuk di discharge. kes satu dalam seribu macam ni jarang sangat berlaku. Rupanya, bila disiasat siapakah "beliau" sebenarnya? Lalu, ayah penulis mengkhabarkan semuanya.Hebat orangnya. Maka, tak hairanlah jika balasan Allah terhadap beliau juga ibarat satu miracle yang jarang berlaku.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hebatnya kuasa SMS

Lama tak mencoret. Tiba-tiba malam ni terasa nak tulis sesuatu. Sesuatu? Macam lebih dari satu benda. Semuanya cedok sana sikit sini sikit. Jadilah, buat lepas tension dengan menulis.

Isu satu: SMS
Hari ni jam 1245 am aku check my sms log. Terkejut dengan jumlahnya. Sent text messages jumlah 31111 dan received text messages 31854. maknanya aku menerima messages lebih bayak dari aku balas. Terfikir gak kenapa? Samada aku sengaja tak balas ataupun SMS tu tak perlu dibalas?

Satu trend (sesuai ke panggil trend?macam tak je). Trend tak suka balas SMS orang lain. Applicable to myself juga the others. Tapi bila renung balik, kejam rupanya bila kita tak balas SMS orang ni. Untuk perkara yang remeh mungkin tak bagi kesan tapi untuk sesuatu yg berat ataupun memerlukan satu tindakan atau keputusan segera, membalas SMS dah jadi satu kewajipan.

Kita tak sedar, kadang-kadang kita rasa tak menjadi hal pada orang lain. kalau kita tak membalas SMS beliau. Tapi, sekiranya benda tersebut amat penting kepada beliau kita secara langsungnya dah menjejaskan gerak kerja beliau. Kita boleh di consider sebagai pentingkan diri sendiri.

SMS nampak macam remeh. Tapi dengan khidmat SMS dapat kita jimat kos panggilan, dapat erat ukhwah dengan sahabat-sahabat. Ukhwah bukan sekadar makan,main, solat bersama sahaja. Doa dalam hati utk sahabat-sahabatpun satu method mengeratkan ukhwah. Tapi SMS juga boleh menjadi pengerat lagi ukhwah. Mungkin sesetengah berpendapat, ia akan menyebabkan kita lalai asyik berSMS. Tapi, terpulang pada individu terlibat untuk tidak berlebih-lebihan dalam berSMS untuk mengelakkan daripada leka dan lalai.

Kita asyik menyalahkan, sahabat kita ada masalah ukhwah. Tapi, macam mana kita berperanan nak mengelakkan masalah ni daripada berlaku? Dengan SMS pun dah cukup. Ia terbukti bila aku buat beberapa experiments terhadap beberapa sahabat yg agak lama tidak berhubungan. Dengan bertanya "Apa khabar sahabat?". Terus dengan hanya satu SMS, tertaut kembali ukhwah kami. Boleh makan bersama, solat dsb hanya kerana bermulanya satu SMS. Jadi, jangan kita menyalahkan orang lain, jika dia jauh dari kita ,renung balik diri kita, apakah sikap acuh tidak acuh kita itu terhadap SMS bertanya khabar dari beliau ataupun kepada beliau, membuatkan beliau menjadi begitu?

Jangan impikan nak bawa satu perjuangan besar kalau benda yang semudah ini kita ambil remeh. Jangan impikan memimpin sebuah negara, malah satu organisasi kecilpun belum tentu kita layak jika sikap ambil mudah terhadap kebanyakan benda ini belum diubah.

Hebatnya kuasa SMS kerana ia juga simbol penghargaan dalam era moden kini. Mengapa begitu? Lihat contoh, dulu ucapan birthday, hari raya ataupun apa-apa kebanyakan dilafazkan guna kad. Tapi sekarang, cukup dengan SMS boleh membuatkan orang rasa dihargai. Ucapan terima kasih kadang-kadang kita terlupa untuk diucapkan atas pertolongan orang lain pada kita, pengorbanan ibu bapa kepada kita, ia boleh dan sangat mudah dibuat walaupun hanya melalui SMS. Dengan hanya 1sen, masa yg digunakan tak sampai 5minit & sgt sedikit tenaga, boleh dibuat ketika baring, bangun tidur ataupun sambil memasak dan jogging kecuali mandi dan solat, ia cukup utk membantu orang lain ataupun diri sendiri. Bukan mereka minta dihargai ,tapi ia sebagai common sense untuk kita dihargai. Belajar menghargai untuk dihargai...

*SMS simbol keputusan + persahabatan + penghargaan

Tapi, di sebalik semua itu, jika kita salah guna kuasa SMS boleh bertukar menjadi bencana. Kenapa? Yela, dengan SMS kini memeningkan mahkamah Shariah tiap kali cerai dilafazkan menggunakan SMS yang kini berita mengenainya, seringkali kedengaran di TV. Dengan SMS juga, digunakan untuk tujuan ugutan dan juga aktiviti-aktiviti jenayah. Apa nak jadilah..

Kesimpulannya, tiap teknologi yang dicipta ada baik dan buruknya bergantung kepada kebijaksanaan si pengguna. Mudahkan urusan orang lain jika kita mahu urusan kita dimudahkan. Hargailah orang lain jika kita mahukan pernghargaan. Layanilah orang lain sebaik mungkin jika kita mahu dilayan sedemikian.


Bersambung di isu berikutnya nanti.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Perdana Menteri yang juga Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Najib Razak sedang membentangkan Bajet 2011 di Dewan Rakyat.

Bajet 2011 bertema "Transformasi Ke Arah Negara Maju Berpendapatan Tinggi" dengan empat strategi utama.

1. Mendayakan kembali pelaburan swatsa

2. Membangunkan modal insan

3. Mensejahterakan hidup rakyat

4. Memantapkan penyampaian perkhidmatan awam

Jumlah bajet - RM212 bilion, 2.8 preratus lebih tinggi daripada Bajet 2010

Perbelanjaan kos operasi
- RM162.8 bilion

Perbelanjaan kos pembangunan
- RM49.2 bilion

Berikut petikan penting ucapannya:

  • Rizab negara RM310.8b = 8.5 bulan import tertangguh
  • Negara telah pulih dari kemelesetan ekonomi dunia dgn pertumbuhan KDNK 9.5% separuh pertama 2010
  • Defisit dijangka rendah pada 5.4 peratus pada 2011
  • Jumlah dagangan Malaysia dijangka meningkat 18.7 peratus kepada RM1.173 trilion tahun ini berbanding RM988.2 bilion tahun lalu
  • Jumlah dagangan Malaysia dijangka meningkat 18.7 peratus kepada RM1.173 trilion tahun ini berbanding RM988.2 bilion tahun lalu
  • Sektor perkhidmatan diunjur berkembang 5.3 peratus tahun hadapan dengan pelaksanaan program dan inisiatif di bawah tujuh Bidang Ekonomi Utama Negara (NKEA) berkaitan perkhidmatan.
  • Warisan Merdeka - Permodalan Nasional Bhd akan membangunkan projek bersepadu berharga RM5 bilion, yang membabitkan menara 100 tingkat, yang dijadual siap pada 2015
  • Pembinaan projek pembangunan bercampur termasuk kediaman mampu milik bernilai RM10 bilion di Sungai Buloh.
  • Pembangunan Zon Akuakultur Bersepadu di Pitas, Sungai Telaga dan Sungai Padas di Sabah serta di Batang Ai dan Tanjung Manis di Sarawak dengan peruntukan RM252 juta.
  • Peruntukan RM135 juta bagi persediaan prasarana asas menggalakkan petani menceburi bidang bernilai tinggi seperti industri sarang burung walit.
  • Melanjutkan galakan potongan cukai pendapatan bagi pelabur dan pengecualian cukai pendapatan bagi syarikat dalam aktiviti pengeluaran bahan makanan sehingga 2015.
  • Syarikat pelaburan berkaitan kerajaan (GLIC) seperti Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP), kini boleh melabur sehingga 20 peratus daripada jumlah aset yang diurus berbanding tujuh peratus sebelum ini.
  • Suruhanjaya sekuriti (SC) akan menawarkan tiga lesen broker saham baharu kepada syarikat tempatan, asing dan usaha sama yang layak untuk meningkatkan penyertaan pasaran runcit.
  • Duti import kira-kira 300 barangan kegemaran pelancong dan rakyat tempatan di antara 3 dan 5 peratus dimansuhkan bagi menjadikan Malaysia syurga beli-belah

  • Dana Pencen Swasta (PPF) tahun depan untuk memberi manfaat kepada pekerja sektor swasta dan mereka yang bekerja sendiri
  • Program Adunan Biobahan Api dengan Petroleum Diesel (Program B5) secara mandatori bermula di Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan dan Melaka
  • Pengecualian cukai jualan ke atas semua jenis telefon bimbit.
  • RM850 juta bagi menyediakan infrastruktur sokongan untuk mempercepatkan pembangunan koridor dan wilayah.
  • RM411 juta untuk melonjak ekonomi ke arah sebuah negara berpendapatan tinggi, aktiviti penyelidikan, pembangunan dan pengkomersilan sebagai landasan peningkatkan aktiviti nilai ditambah dalam setiap bidang ekonomi.
  • Penubuhan Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK) di bawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri dengan peruntukan RM71 juta bagi tahun depan untuk mengkomersilkan hasil penemuan R&D oleh universiti dan institusi penyelidikan.

  • RM200 juta untuk perolehan hasil kreatif seperti filem, drama dan dokumentari keluaran tempatan yang berkualiti tinggi.
  • Gaji pokok minimum pengawal keselamatan dinaikkan kepada RM500 hingga RM700 sebulan mengikut kawasan mulai Januari 2011
  • Penjawat awam wanita diberi pilihan tentukan sendiri tempoh cuti bersalin bergaji penuh tidak melebihi 90 hari.
  • Skim Rumah Pertamaku bantu golongan muda yang baru bekerja dengan pendapatan kurang daripada RM3,000 sebulan untuk memiliki rumah
  • Kerajaan akan menaikkan kadar cukai perkhidmatan daripada 5 peratus kepada 6 peratus
  • Elaun untuk JKKK, JKKKP dinaikkan kepada RM800 sebulan
  • RM6.9 bilion pula diperuntuk untuk Bina Infrastruktur Seperti Membina Jalan Luar Bandar Dan Untuk Membina Jalan Luar Bandar
  • Rm2.1 Bilion Diperuntuk Untuk Bina Dan Menaik Taraf Jalan Luar Bandar Di Sabah Dan Sarawak, Selain Rm696 Juta Bagi Tujuan Sama Di Semenanjung Malaysia
  • Sistem Penilaian Takap Kecekapan (Ptk) Dimansuh Dan Diganti Dengan Sistem Penilaian Lebih Sesuai Dan Diterima Baik Penjawat Awam
  • Pinjaman rumah 100 % untuk golongan muda
  • Cukai jualan telefon mudah alih dimansuh