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Monday, May 10, 2010

In the presence of
1-En Abdullah Hj Zawawi- Chief Officer of Security Management
2-En Umar- Asst. Chief Officer of Security Management
3-En Azmee – Investigation Officer of Security Management
4-En Syamsudin- Traffic Officer of Security Management

Date : 22rd March 2010 (MONDAY)
Time : 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Venue : Security Control Office

Problem 1:Theft cases

•There were about 5 laptops missing in Mahallah Aminah and Mahallah Asiah.
•A motorcycle had been missing in Mahallah Uthman.


•Witness was brought to the police station and the suspect was recognized.
•Guard made an observation 2, 3 times at that certain place.

•The area of recent lost cases in Mahallah Bilal and Usman.
•Risky place to lost motorcycle is at parking between ITD and library.

Problem 2: Rumours

•Black magic
•Rape cases in sister’s mahallah


•No reports of black magic.
•In fact the case was an attempt of rape and action had been brought up to the attention of police.

•Security Officers of Mahallah Maryam, stated the facts of the case were they informed that a male foreign student made some tricks and snatched a purse of a student.

Problem 3:Parking
•The issue brought up is related to less parking places for cars.
•Students complaining that there were vehicles without IIUM’ stickers occupying the parking provided in IIUM.

•Actions shall be taken against cars without IIUM stickers.
•But, the security officers had not yet taken it into a very strict enforcement since it was the examination weeks.

Problem 4: Dating
•Male and female Students are dating in front of the female Mahallah gates especially in front of Aminah and Hafsah.
•Many students are very much concerned by the dating issue, since it destroys the image of IIUM as an Islamic University.


•Any complaint to the security or available fellow at that time and further actions shall be taken.
•Security Officers have been given rights to penalize the students whom they found dating in IIUM.

Problem 4: Wild dogs and monkeys

•It is already been informed that dogs and monkeys is an issue that the administration should be concerned about.


•Students can report to Security Officers if they were in contact with dogs and monkeys.

Problem 5: Closure gate at Mahallah

•Students complained that the gate close too early.
•Students requested to enter the Mahallah even after the closer of the gates, especially during the rainy weather.

•The gate will close at 9. The only cars allowed to enter are the ones that have IIUM sticker.

•The Security Management will consider the matters brought up by the students.

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