Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hidden Truth

Since 2006, Gaza has been under Israeli embargo. They never let any humanitarian aid into Gaza alleging that the tiny enclave is in good condition and does not really need outside assistance. Israel claimed that it delivers enough aid to Gaza.

But the fact of the matter is more than 75% of Gazans’ homes were totally destroyed, and her people still suffering from the consequences of Israeli’s offensive Operation Cast Lead in 2008 – 2009. This is a fact confirmed by the UNDP reports. Claiming to attack military bases in Gaza, Israel actually left Gaza in total ruin, targeting mostly civilian amenities needed for her people to get on with their lives. Universities, reservoirs, schools, power stations, masjids, churches, bridges, roads, airports, factories, plantations, irrigation – all came under artillery, aerial and naval bombardment amounting to 1.5 million tonnes of ordinance. Over 6,000 families still live in tents till this day. Besides, in the last two years, over 10,000 Gazans lost their lives due to untreatable diseases because of the embargo.

They were deprived off their most basic needs – food, nutrition, clean potable water, healthcare, rights to proper education and, above all, a roof over their heads.

Israel on its part does not allow any entry of construction materials such as cement, iron bars and so on with the pretext that they will be used to construct military bases. In fact, it does not want Gaza to be rebuilt. All of these facts and more are listed in both by the UN (Goldstone Report) and Amnesty International in their reports on Gaza. This information is made accessible to the whole world. Then why is the world still turning a blind eye to this stark injustice?

Indeed, the world has tried in vain to cooperate with the Israeli Government in delivering the much needed aid. Unfortunately, the Israeli administration was never sincere. IHH (Humanitarian Relief Foundation of Turkey) has launched an official written application to the Israeli consulate in Turkey almost two years ago but to no avail.

What goes inside the Zionist’s mind is an intertwined maze that takes you somewhere but nowhere. They simply have no sincerity whatsoever and give no two hoots to world opinions and overtures. And they have made this clear by their actions. Israel and the inhumane embargo over Gaza have been responsible for the humanitarian crisis now in seen in Gaza.

Gaza is the last crumb of a large order pizza that Israel still salivates over. It shares its borders both with Israel and Egypt which, technically, means aid cargo could easily be delivered through Egypt’s Rafah gates by land. The recent eyewash by Egypt’s sudden benevolence after Israel’s historical blunder when it murdered nine peace activists onboard the passenger vessel “MV Mavi Marmara” is but a sorry PR exercise. So petrified is Egypt over its magnanimous neighbour that it is seen charitable only when Israel tells it to be.

The previous LL3G exercise was a classic case of Egypt’s bluff. Humanitarian activists from all over the world who had to camp on a wharf side upon given a wild ride were greeted by batons and pepper spray from rude, not to mention barbaric, Egyptian army with guns pointing at unarmed humanitarian volunteers. They were outnumbered 10 to one, as if these volunteers were criminals armed to the teeth.

The charade displayed by the Egyptian Government is no different from that shown by its political master, Israel, which has completely subdued its neighbour to the point of subjugation. Slavery is on the cards for Egyptians. Political interests, to the endeavours of keeping the Camp David Accord alive and breathing, is more important to Egypt than the millions of lives lost and still suffering inside Gaza. So much for Arab brotherhood.

Other than that, illegal Israel also claimed sovereignty over Gaza’s territorial waters as a national security concern which means nothing and no one else can be held liable by Israel’s own set of rules. The embargo imposed on Gaza is an illegal, inhumane and immoral policy of Israel. In fact, the UN Security Council Resolution 1860 marked the embargo as illegal and stated that it should be lifted immediately.

The recent catastrophe involving the “MV Mavi Marmara” is yet another milestone of Israel’s dirty politics and highhandedness akin to a barbarian. The civilian passenger vessel was flying the flag of a NATO member in international waters, but was attacked with nine fatalities onboard. Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was swift in promising retaliation for Israel’s bullying ways that prevented the Freedom Flotilla of LL4G from reaching the Gaza port. NATO is deemed to have failed to rope in its rogue member Israel.

Now, NATO and Israel themselves have to bear the consequences of this rogue’s belligerence. The pure and simple act of piracy in the Mediterranean international waters was a clear breach of international laws. But Israel doesn’t care. That it executed a military operation on a civilian ship in international waters, carrying humanitarian volunteers from over 50 countries, some of whom were prominent statesmen and parliamentarians was a point besides.

Slowly but surely Israel is navigating towards its own demise. It has now created enemies from among its closest allies in Europe. This high seas piracy and oppression in mainland Gaza will lead to the isolation of Israel in the eyes of the international public and crafting Israel’s reputation as a “terrorist state”.

The mind of a Jew, more so if he is a zionist, is to envision and make believe that he or she is in a constant “state of threat”, which will then “legitimise” the Israel Government to justify their actions of blockade and shoot at leisure at a woman, child or hare. According to international laws and the Fourth Geneva Convention, even when in a state of war, humanitarian aid cannot be subjected to blockades and no restriction on aid delivery can be performed in war zones. But do they care?

Their minds, from preschool to varsity education, have been tweaked to hate all other races and religions that are simply not Jews. Period.

But how much longer can Israel survive? How many years did it take for South Africa to free itself from apartheid? The aid volunteers from all over the world are determined to carry on their missions despite Israeli’s archaic aggression. Even if the Israeli Defence Forces detain the peace activists and deport them back to their home countries like what they did in this mission, sooner, larger aid flotillas will keep on sailing into the region. The navy may find that it does not have enough helicopters and speed boats to intercept and shoot. Perhaps then they would fire torpedoes on all the ships. Fine. We’ll sail in a cargo submarine the next time. But we will not carry torpedoes.

The world is teaching, and has taught, Israel a bitter lesson this year. 2010 will go down to become the international year of bashing up Israel. And we shall see it cower away with its tail between its feet, towing America along as it trots with its head held low to the ground.

Shame, shame you Israel.

by Haluan Media (6 June 2010)

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mahasiswa UIAM prihatin isu Gaza

Antara mahasiswa UIAM yang hadir ke Grand Munajat

Baru-baru ini bersamaan 3 Jun 2010, bertempat di Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah UIAM, Gombak, Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar UIAM 2009/2010 dengan kerjasama Masjid SHAH dan juga Maruf Club telah menganjurkan Grand Munajat For Palestine.Alhamdulillah, majlis mendapat sambutan yang baik dalam kalangan jemaah yang hadir ke masjid pada malam tersebut.

Presiden MPP UIAM 09/10, Sdr.Firwan sedang memberikan ucapan beliau

Sdr.Fitry Husin membuka majlis
Dimulakan dengan ucapan Pengerusi iaitu Sdr.Fitry Husin, majlis seterusnya diikuti oleh ucapan daripada beberapa wakil persatuan pelajar pada malam tersebut. Dimulakan oleh pelajar yang berasal dari Palestin sendiri, penerangan panjang lebar diberikan tentang situasi sebenar di Palestin.Turut memberikan ucapan ialah Presiden Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar UIAM 2009/2010, Muhammad Firwan Norliza. Beliau menyentuh berkenaan ketidakwujudan negara Palestin di dalam peta dunia sekarang akibat penubuhan negara haram Israel. Dalam tempoh sekejap sahaja, mereka mampu meleyapkan Palestin dari peta dunia dan me"legal"kan kewujudan negara Israel tanpa rasa

Penerangan diberikan oleh pelajar Palestin yang menuntut di UIAM

Beliau juga menyeru agar mahasiswa khususnya di UIAM selaku universiti Islam lebih peka terhadap isu ummah dan memainkan peranan yang lebih agresif dalam menangani permasalahan ummah secara kolektif. Pada masa yang sama, beliau menyarankan agar semua mahasiswa teruskan memboikot produk-produk keluaran Israel sebagai salah satu usaha melemahkan ekonomi mereka. Bantuan ke Gaza masih tidak diketahui statusnya. jadi, kempen boikot secara istiqamah diharap dapat memberi pengajaran kepada mereka kerana kita sedia maklum bahawa ekonomi merupakan salah satu sumber kekuatan sesebuah negara selain politik dan lain-lain.

Majlis disudahi dengan bacaan qunut Nazilah oleh saudara Nik Hafreez wakil dari Maruf Club kemudian semua hadirin bersurai dan bersedia untuk qiamullail keesokan paginya.Wallahua'lam..

Bacaan Qunut Nazilah oleh sdr.Nik Hafreez

Friday, June 4, 2010

Israel Niat Bunuh

BERIBU-ribu penduduk Turki menyembahyangkan jenazah aktivis misi bantuan Gaza yang menjadi mangsa serangan ganas komando Israel di perairan antarabangsa, dekat Palestin, Isnin lalu.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sukarelawan Malaysia dan dari negara lain yang berada atas kapal Mavi Marmara yakin serangan tentera Israel terhadap kapal itu Ahad lalu sehingga mengorbankan sekurang-kurangnya 10 aktivis sebagai satu serangan dan pembunuhan terancang.

Dakwaan itu berdasarkan serangan menggunakan peluru hidup tanpa amaran, kehadiran dua helikopter berlegar-legar di ruang udara berhampiran kapal seawal jam 2 pagi dan serangan awal pagi ketika aktivis Islam sedang menunaikan solat Subuh.
Ketua Misi Lifeline 4 Gaza (LL4G), Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin yang menyertai misi bantuan kemanusiaan Gaza bersama sembilan rakyat Malaysia, berkata apabila tentera Israel menggunakan peluru hidup, ia bermakna mereka berniat untuk membunuh aktivis.

“Jika hanya mahu menawan kapal, tidak perlu guna peluru hidup kerana kami tidak bersenjata. Serangan awal pagi ketika aktivis Islam menunaikan solat Subuh menguatkan lagi teori itu.

“Jika mahu memeriksa kapal, mereka sepatutnya memberi amaran dan memperkenalkan diri dulu. Jika betul ada amaran, kami akan memberhentikan kapal kerana aktivis tidak sekali-kali ingkar arahan pihak berkuasa jika diarah menyerah diri.

“Tiada sebab kami mahu melawan kerana kapal tidak membawa senjata api, sebaliknya hanya bantuan kemanusiaan untuk rakyat Palestin,” katanya ketika dihubungi di Jordan, semalam.

Pandangan beliau disokong aktivis negara lain, Mattias Gardell dan Henning Mankell, kedua-duanya dari Sweden yang turut menuduh Israel merancang untuk melakukan pembunuhan di atas kapal berkenaan.
“Kami ialah saksi kepada pembunuhan terancang,” kata Mattias yang juga pakar sejarah. Beliau berada atas Mavi Marmara bersama isterinya yang juga sejarawan, Edda Manga.

“Ini adalah serangan tentera terhadap misi bantuan kemanusiaan di perairan antarabangsa.

“Adalah mengejutkan Israel bertindak di luar batasan. Ramai penumpang kapal menganggap komando Israel akan membunuh semua orang. Mereka ketakutan.

“Amat pelik jika ada orang anggap tidak perlu pertahankan diri. Adakah anda patut duduk saja dan kata bunuh saya,” katanya kepada radio awam sejurus tiba di Istanbul, Turki bersama hampir 500 aktivis yang dipetik oleh agensi berita AFP.

Henning, penulis cerita jenayah terkenal Sweden yang berada atas kapal lain pula menyifatkan tindakan Israel itu adalah pelanunan di laut antarabangsa.

Sementara itu, Bulent Yildirm, ketua badan kebajikan Islam Turki yang mengetuai kempen memecahkan sekatan Israel terhadap Gaza, mendakwa askar Israel membunuh aktivis secara rambang apabila memasuki Mavi Marmara yang mengetuai enam kapal lain bagi membawa bantuan ke Gaza.

Seorang lagi sukarelawan Malaysia yang juga Pengerusi Aqsa Syarif, Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus, berkata jika tentera Yahudi mahu menyekat kapal itu daripada meneruskan pelayaran, mengapa perlu melepaskan tembakan rambang termasuk menggunakan peluru hidup.

Beliau berkata, tentera Israel tidak harus bertindak kejam sehingga perlu melepaskan tembakan ke arah sukarelawan, sebaliknya boleh memikirkan cara lain untuk mendesak mereka menyerah diri.

“Saya menyaksikan sendiri bagaimana tentera Israel menembak tepat ke arah dahi seorang sukarelawan dari Turki sehingga otaknya terkeluar. Mereka juga menembak seorang petugas media dari Indonesia dan peluru terkena dada hanya kerana dia mahu merakamkan gambar kekejaman tentera Yahudi atas kapal,” katanya.

Wakil Pertubuhan Himpunan Lepasan Institut Pendidikan Malaysia (Haluan) Palestin, Al Hami Husain Suhaimi pula yakin ia adalah serangan terancang untuk menawan Mavi Marmara berdasarkan pengawasan tentera Israel terhadap kapal itu sejak jam 2 pagi.

Beliau berkata, sebelum serangan jam 4.30 pagi, dua helikopter berlegar di ruang udara berhampiran kapal seolah-oleh menunggu masa sesuai untuk menyerang.
“Kami menjangkakan selepas solat Subuh dan bersarapan, kapal mula menghampiri Gaza dan meminta kebenaran untuk memasuki wilayah itu.

“Israel lebih awal bertindak. Selain kapal diekori tentera menaiki dua bot laju yang cuba menaiki kapal, mereka menembak dengan peluru asap untuk memudahkan pergerakan. Semua tindakan itu menggambarkan serangan dibuat secara terancang untuk menawan kapal kami,” katanya.

Sumber Berita Harian (4 Jun 2010)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SRC Press Statement on Israeli attack against Gaza bound aid convoy

SRC Condemns Acts Resulting in Civilian Deaths during Israeli Operation against Gaza-Bound aid convoy and Calls for Investigation

Student’s Representative Council IIUM (SRC) condemned the violent attacks on international aid mission to Gaza ship carrying over 700 passengers and over 10,000 tons of food supplies, medicine, and others. This brutal attack raised the anger of people around the world, especially the Muslim communities. The attack began when Israel ordered the army commandos attack the aid ships Lifeline for Gaza (LL4G) "MV Mavi Marmara" resulting in 20 people were killed and dozens more injured.

SRC calls upon all the people all over the world regardless of race, religion and political belief to condemn and denounced hard rude actions by Israel on Gaza International aid convoy ship. We would like to emphasize that the oppression and murder of Palestinians and the ship "MV Mavi Marmara" clearly show a violation of international law in terms of human rights and international maritime law which asserts that a country is not entitled to act arbitrarily on international waters. The attitude shown by apartheid Israel was seen as a very barbaric act and a clear violation of the law outlined by the UN Security Council.

Thus, we urge the UN Security Council and the Conference of Islamic Countries (OIC) to take drastic action against Israeli attacks on Gaza International Aid Convoy. Malaysia as the president of OIC should immediately convene an emergency session of the state's stand on this issue. The OIC silent act as the responsible body for the issue is seen as an act of unreasonable and detrimental to Islamic world. We would also like to urge the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato 'Seri Najib Tun Razak to convene a special session of Parliament to discuss on this issue.

We are of the opinion that Islamic countries around the world must unite to overthrow the regime of Israel. We believe and trust that the unity and strength of Muslims around the world will be able to overthrow the Zionist regime. The strength in terms of technology, economy and military that owned by Islamic countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and others should be used to overthrow the regime of Israel.

Hence, all parties must play a role in ensuring the successful of this mission, including students, the professional, intellectual, religionist, ministries, NGOs and the public awareness about the importance of "unity for Palestinians' because the Palestinian issue is an issue involving the religions, laws and humanity.

Finally, we ask and appeal to all Muslims especially our brother and sister in IIUM to pray Qunut Nazilah all the time. It may be that Allah gives assistance to those involved in this convoy. Unite for faith and human consciousness

2nd June 2010, 11.57 AM
Muhammad Firwan Bin Norliza
Student Representative Council,
International Islamic University Malaysia,
On behalf of the Student Representative Council 2009/2010.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

millatfacebook satu alternatif..

ISLAMABAD: Sekumpulan warga Pakistan mencipta laman web baru untuk menghubungkan 1.57 billion Muslim selepas berang dengan laman Facebook kerana menyiarkan karikatur Nabi Muhammad SAW selain mewujudkan saluran baru melawan propaganda anti-Islam.

Kumpulan itu membabitkan enam profesional teknologi maklumat (IT) di pusat budaya dan hiburan Pakistan, Lahore, yang melancarkan laman web, awal minggu ini.

Ia dilancarkan selepas mahkamah Pakistan mengarahkan sekatan ke atas Facebook sehingga Isnin ini atas bantahan terhadap satu laman Everyone Draw Mohammed Day (Hari Lakar Muhammad) yang menghina Islam.

“Millatfacebook dicipta bagi memenuhi keperluan sosial penduduk Pakistan. Laman untuk Muslim termasuk orang lain yang baik daripada agama lain turut dialu-alukan,” kata laman web itu kepada yang berminat menjadi ahli.

“Kami mahu beritahu ahli Facebook bahawa mereka akan terima padah jika mengganggu kami,” kata Ketua Pegawai Operasi syarikat yang menempatkan laman itu, Usman Zaheer, 24.

“Jika ada orang menghina Nabi, kami akan jadi lawan mereka dan menyebabkan mereka rugi besar,” katanya yang bermimpi menjadikannya laman sosial terbesar Muslim.

Dikenali dengan singkatan MFB, seperti juga FB bagi Facebook, pengasasnya berkata, pakar IT kini berusaha memasukkan ciri-ciri lain ke dalamnya bagi mencabar pesaing dari California itu.

Setiap ahli memiliki ‘dinding’ untuk ulasan sahabat selain mengandungi kemudahan email, foto, video, ruang sembang dan perbincangan.

Perkataan ‘Millat’ adalah bahasa Urdu yang biasa digunakan untuk merujuk kepada negara. Laman web itu sudah mempunyai 4,300 ahli selepas tiga hari dilancarkan, kebanyakannya warga Pakistan yang boleh berbahasa Inggeris dalam lingkungan usia 20-an.

Angka itu jauh lebih kecil daripada keahlian Facebook di Pakistan buat masa ini sebanyak 2.5 juta dan ulasan awal menunjukkan MFB memerlukan lebih banyak masa untuk benar-benar menyaingi FB.

Bagaimanapun, Usman gembira dengan hasil awal laman web itu yang sudah menarik penyertaan warga Britain, Bulgaria, Kanada, China, Russia, Emiriyah Arab Bersatu, Amerika Syarikat dan Malaysia.

(Sumber : Berita Harian online 29/05/2010)