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Report of Down To Earth Session To Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi

Date : 24th February 2010 (Wednesday)

Time : 9.15pm - 11.30pm

Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010 had visited Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi. The visit had been initiated by Public Relation Secretariat to help the Welfare Secretariat in getting information regarding students’ welfare of Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi.

Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi is a new mahallah built by the administration of IIUM to allocate students who involved in PALAPES, Wataniah and SUKSIS. Among the reasons of their privilege allocation of accommodation was to make them easier to be trained by the trainer as usually they have a lot of trainings during vacation. However, due to the policy implemented to this group of students, they found themselves facing some difficulties as Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi is a new mahallah and there were some lacks in facilities for students.

In subsequent to the visit that had been organized, SRC Chairperson and Co-Chaiperson Welfare Secretariat had a meeting with Madam Sakinah, Head Mahallah Administration and Coordination at Madam Sakinah’s office (STAD) on 3rd March 2010.

During the meeting, several issues regarding students’ welfare in Mahallah Salahuddin and all Mahallah in IIUM had been discussed. These are among the complaints that SRC able to be gathered and subject to concern and action of the administration:-

Problem 1 : Wireless issue whereby the server is so poor and not function accordingly.
Actions and Remarks :
- IIUM is in working progress to upgrade wireless internet.
- Mdm Sakinah required more details and specific zone of the poor wireless onnection in Mahallah Salahuddin.

Problem 2 : Most students complained on the shuttle have provided to them – the timing was not good.
Actions and Remarks :
- Supposedly the shuttle bus should come on time.
- The office of STAD will inform the Transportation Unit regarding this matter.

Problem 3 : Sisters requested for more clothes-line to be put outside their room.
Actions and Remarks :
- Students have made their request, yet no action have been taken.
- Mdm Sakinah will talk on this matter with the Mahallah Salahuddin’s officer
- She did think that the clothes-line requested by the students are relevant to be taken on notice.

Problem 4 : More variety of goods to be sold in Mahallah Salahuddin’s kiosk.
Actions and Remarks :
- Mdm Sakinah told that it is quiet impossible to fulfill all the goods requested by students to be sold in Mahallah Salahuddin’s kiosk as the mahallah only consists of four blocks.
- However, she did agree that the basic stationery should be sold in every kiosk in mahallah.

Problem 5 : Dustbins were not been provided.
Actions and Remarks :
- Mdm contacted office of Finance and she had been told that the budget for the dustbins was not yet approved.
- She will ensure that the dustbins will be provided as soon as possible as this matter is very much concerned by her.

Problem 6 : Request for washing machine.
Actions and Remarks : Washing machine has already been provided in the central facilities of every mahallah including M. Salahuddin

Problem 7: The issue of road – there are many holes on the road – danger to students.
Actions and Remarks :
- Will call JKR to upgrade the road
- Admin are very happy getting to know that students are concerned with road safety

Problem 8 : Theft issue.
Actions and Remarks :
- Mdm. Sakinah required more details of the theft’s cases
- Students are encouraged to report any theft’s cases immediately after the incident.

Problem 9 : The mix up between brothers and sisters scenario is not supposed to happen in this mahalllah of IIUM where there are no proper surveillance by the authority.
Actions and Remarks : Action will be taken

Problem 10: Monkey and dog’s issue.
Actions and Remarks :
- The population of monkeys in IIUM is estimated to 1,000.
- IIUM is considering to restructure the garbage’ system because probably garbage had attracted those monkeys to come.
- Almost hundred of dogs had been caught by ‘orang asli’
- IIUM’S admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.


Reported by,
Izyan Hazwani Bt Ahmad
Chairperson Welfare Secretariat,
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010.

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