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Report on Rector Student Syura

Rector Student Syura
Date : 19 March 2010
Venue : Senate Hall
Time : 4.00 p.m

The Syura started with a speech by the honourable Rector, Prof Dato’ Sri Syed Arabi Idid. He briefly informed about the objectives of Rector Student Syura (RSS). According to him RSS aims is to manage the students’ perception and to settle students' issues. Besides that, this syura also aimed to build a good relationship between Rector and the students’ leaders as well as all IIUM students. In addition, the honourable Rector also explained and told the students that IIUM is the only public University that use English in all subjects.
On the other hand, the honourable Rector also mentioned about the university expenditure. RM 350 Million funded per year for utilities in IIUM, approximately RM 1 Million per month for electricity, RM 10,000 per month for water and the light opened at night for security reason. As for Industrial rate for example like excavation and clear the river involved RM 600,000 per year. RM 15 Million per year is also funded for cleanliness and cutting grass purposes.
After the honourable Rector finished his speech, he opened the floor for discussion and gave the chance for the students’ leaders to ask any question regarding to any matter. The President of SRC, Br Muhammad Firwan b Norliza started the session by some introduction regarding SRC’s involvement and activities. He distributed the SRC’s report regarding to what SRC have done and report on some welfare issue. After that, the other students’ leader raised their own question and suggestion. The question or suggestion and the respond from rector are as below:


1.Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS) requested a special meeting with the Rector regarding dissolution of PGSS due to lack of quorum.

2.(a)Wawasan Club (Bro Akmal Saufi) inquired the Rector on how to strengthen the ties and engagement between IIUM Alumni (42000 graduated) with the IIUM students.

Alumni of IIUM consist of 42,000 graduate and 15,000 international students. Students need to engage themselves with the Alumni

(b)Entrepreneurships in IIUM for students.

- They have done workshop and seminars but the impact was not strong and is not as effective as they expected.
- Rector wanted the students to take more important role in entrepreneurship like involving themselves in business for example in bazaars and so on.

(c)Complaint about IIUM students that go to Clubs and Bars

Regarding drugs, prostitution, and drinking beer among IIUM students, they are not sure whether it is a reality or just a mere perception.

3.Bro Salam (BEDSA) inquires about the appointed seat, representative for BEDSA.

Representative for INSTED (BEDSA) is not appointed yet.
What have been appointed are as follows:

a.International students’ representative in Kuantan,
b.Non-muslim representative, dentistry
c.Handicapped seat.

- appointed representatives will not hold office and the representatives will be selected based on CGPA and their involvement in cocuriculum. The best will be chosen.

4.Planning for the poor and needy

-Zakat will be given to the needy.
-free foods will be given to very poor students.
-Student assistantship provided by the library.

5.Issue of the abolishment of attendance

It depends on each kulliyyah as autonomy was given to each kulliyah to decide whether they want to abolish or not, the attendance policy and system.

-Kulliyah must come up with their own attention.

- There are some kulliyyah where the attendance is very important to make sure they can get good result such as kulliyyah of engineering and Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design.

-Kulliyah will post to the senate the decision and will inform the students pertaining to this matter.

6.Intellectual Youth Club (IYC) suggests, president of SRC chair the Senate meeting between the students as they are the representative and voice of the students.

Rector said that senate is totally academic. If want to discuss with student, outside senate.

7.Regarding Speaker’s corner, students must be creative and IYC would like to take responsibility for the speaker’s corner and will be used once a week or twice in 2 weeks

Speaker’s corner is actually called expressive corner’ and not speaker’s corner. So that, the students can express anything that they want to and they can do what ever they want such as singing, playing guitar or reciting poem. The expressive corner is located in front of Azman Hashim complex

8.Regarding election, students suggested to the University to allocate general seats so that the students can choose their president for SRC.He also suggested to give freedom to the candidates pertaining to their poster and merchandise for campaign

Campus election campaign, freedom was given for students to have their own poster but with limitations as this would affect the poor who do not have money to campaign.

-longer period of campaign was given. Campaign was not aggressive. Previously there was fight.

9.Problems with dogs and monkeys. Suggest collaborate with DBKL

Regarding the issues of dogs and monkeys, IIUM has discussed with the town council and town board.
-Have dealt with the orang asli to catch the monkeys and dogs and not to kill.
-Dogs from Taman Melawati and monkeys from the destroyed forest for building construction of KICT

10.Opinion regarding proposal for activities need to submit 21 days before actual activity.

If a programme is an intellectual programme, it will have the support regardless the 21 days rule.

11.Sometimes opinions needed to response to current issues.

current issues should be explained by the administration

12.Request for more operating room (O.R) for the society and a few big program

IIUM cannot give more O.R as they have limited rooms and is short of rooms for classes i.e: CELPAD needs more rooms for classes

(a)LAWSOC suggests before any law be implemented must conduct a survey before been approved by Senate.

(b)Regarding free foods to be given to the needy, it would be very difficult to determine whether needy or not.

(c)Zakat from student

Zakat money is allocated from the Alumni Office RM 100,000/month collection.

14.Don Luqman from Kulliyah of Science, regarding allocation for building of Mahallah. Mahallah built outside campus.

10th Malaysian Budget Plan (2011) has allocated money.
-Mahallah is included in the budget. 4500 rooms will be built.
-process and procedures time consuming for 500 rooms takes 1 year, and to choose contractors.
-IIUM is still searching for building for mahallah. Look building nearby to be used as mahallah.
-When IIUM Kuantan campus has its own mahallah,IIUM will sell back the temporary mahallah building.
-The issue will be settled within 10 years.

15.Nursing and medical hospital in Kuantan

Hospital has 300 bedrooms. Government has agreed with the proposed establishment.
-more discussion with MOHE and Ministry of Health.
-will wait for the best bid and proposal for the specification.
-It will take 3 years time to be completed.

16.MRC Mahallah Sallahuddin:

-MRC in Mahallah Sallahuddin newly established.
Update and explanation :
- mix of male and females in the mahallah, have taken steps and security measures like no more sports beyond 12 midnight, and gate will be closed and locked at 12 midnight.

17.Regarding Wireless zone

Wireless has been provided but signals at times slow. May be because of downloading.

-planning on new policy.

Prepared by:
Presidential Secretariat,
Students' Representative Council 2009/2010

Acknowledged by:
Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students' Representative Council 2009/2010

Published by:
Muhammad Syazwan bin Suhaimi
KENMS Representative

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Report of Meeting with all Welfare’s Excos of all mahallah

Update progress meeting with Madam Sakinah (Head Mahallah Administration and Coordination) on student's welfare brought up in SRC meeting with all Welfare Exco's of all Mahallah in IIUM.

Date: 19th February 2010
Time: 8.30pm - 11.15 pm
Venue: SRC Office Meeting Room

These are some of the problems that have been highlighted during the meeting.


A.Mahallah Maryam

1. Problem: Security issue-some block are dark because there are no enough lamp.
Remarks: Mdm Sakinah said that students should report the problems to IP.

2. Problem: Monkey issue.
Remarks: IIUM’S admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

3. Problem: There are some noisy announcements.
Remarks: Couldn’t be help because usually the announcements been made by the
mahallah officers are related to important matters.

4. Problem: No washing machine at the block.
Remarks: Additional request couldn’t be entertained by admin since they had
provided the washing machine at the mahallah centre facilities.

5. Problem: The café was close during holiday.
Remarks: Cafe’s owner could not bear to suffer losses since there were not many
students around during vacation.

6.Problem: No lamp at the corridor.

B.Mahallah Ameenah

1. Problem: Male students enter the mahallah after 9pm.
Remarks: Will ensure the security to take action.

2. Problem: Students do not wear proper attire at the café.
Remarks: To bring the matter to the Mahallah’s principal.

3. Problem: The alarm always rings till late at night.
Remarks: Shall be brought to IP’s attention.

4. Problem: TV room is small and the channels have no variety in choice.
Remarks: Those are the only facilities able to be provide by IIUM.

C. Mahallah Hafsa

1. Problem: No variety of foos at the cafe and close at 9pm.

2. Problem: No cyber cafe.
Remarks: Most cyber cafe is running at lost since IIUM had provide wireless facilities most in
IIUM zone.

D. Mahallah Asiah

1. Problem: Monkey issue.
Remarks: IIUM's admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

E. Mahallah Ruqayyah

1. Problem: The lamp is not function at the correct time.
Remarks: Shall be brought to IP's attention.

2. Problem: Students at elite block give some reasonable complaints to MRC.

3. Problem: Monkey issue.
Remarks: IIUM's admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

F. Mahallah Sumayyah

1. Problem: The lamp at the walkway from female mahallah to AIKOL is not function.
Remarks: It wa unsettled issues from many years.


A. Mahallah Uthman

1. Problem: The hostel not repaint yet.
Remarks: Mahallah Uthman's turn for repainting will coming soon.

2. Problem: Stdudents did not get the curtain yet.
Remarks: This year, admin decided not to provide curtains yet to Mahallah Uthman.

3. Problem: Flood when heavy rain.
Remarks: Shall bring the matter to Mahallah Uthman's office.

4. Problem : Vandalism
Remarks: IIUM admin is concern on that matter

5. Problem: Theft issue.

6. Problem: Lamp at garage is not function.
Remarks: Shall be brought this to IP's attention.

B. Mahallah Farouq

1. Problem: Stdudents did not get the curtain yet.
Remarks: This year, admin decided not to provide curtains yet to Mahallah Uthman.

2. Problem: IP take a long time to repair toilets and other facilities.
Remarks: Shall bring this to IP attention.

3. Problem: No grill at block E and D.
Remarks: Will take action.

4. Problem: Poor and sick students.
Remarks: Please report immediately to Mahallah office or STAD.

5. Problem: The facilities for sport are not good-no lamp, no ring.

C. Mahallah Zubair

1. Problem: Dogs and cats issue.
Remarks: IIUM’S admin is very much putting their effort to solve these issues.

2. Problem: Not enough parking lots.
Remarks: Enforcement action will be taken to students who drive cars illegally.

3. Problem: Cafetreia request change the tender.
Remarks: Difficult to entertain since IIUM is bonding contract with them.

4. Problem: No washing machine at the block.
Remarks: Additional request couldn’t be entertained by admin since they had
provided the washing machine at the mahallah centre facilities.

5. Problem: Didnt get wireless connection.
Remarks: Wireless connection is in upgraded process.

D. Mahallah Ali

1. Problem: No grill except block G.
Remarks: Will take action.

2. Problem: The lamp at the road from Ali to Zubair are not function.
Remarks: Shall be brough to IP's attention.

3. Problem: Request too change the road in front of mahallah.
Remarks: Impossible to be done as changing road will result to worse condition whereby flood
may happen if there were rain heavily.


Reported by,



Welfare Secretariat

Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010