Thursday, April 1, 2010

Report From Welfare Sectretariat-2nd edition

Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010 had received a lot of complaints by students as regard to the difficulties in their pre registration of Mahallah. Thus, Welfare Secretariat of SRC 2009/2010 had met the officers of Information and Technology Division (ITD) IIUM to seek for clarification. This is the clarification made by officer of (ITD) IIUM, Puan Khairah as regard to the students’ complaints in doing their pre-registration Mahallah for the next coming Semester 1 2010/2011 session.

Students complained: 1. The schedule pasted informing that only 3rd year and 4th year students are allowed to do their pre registration Mahallah on 8 March 2010 (Monday). However, there a lot of students in other years also had successfully pre registered the Mahallah. Thus, the pre registration of Mahallah did not followed the schedule as promised.

Clarification : ITD admitted that it was their technicalities mistakes which lead the problem arise. However, they actually managed to stop the other years students from doing their pre registration on 8th March 2009 after 3.00pm on the same day.

2. Many students fail to have rooms in Mahallah pre registration as they complained the requirements necessitated them to pre registered their courses subject first before the pre registration of Mahallah being done.

Clarification : ITD had discovered on that issue and had contacted all the Mahallah officers. Students are advised not to worry much as failure of them to have the pre registration of Mahallah will not rendered their right to stay in Mahallah being denied by the administration. Students can still register their places in mahallah manually when the new semester commence.

3. Students request the period for pre registration being adjusted to another new time.

Clarification : The request made is hard to be done as IIUM usually implemented only a week for any related matters for registration such as Mahallah pre registration and course subject’s pre registration.
We hope that all students are not that worried. SRC will assure that students’ rights to stay in Mahallah will not be deprived by any person or body as the case maybe.


Reported by,
Izyan Hazwani Bt Ahmad
Chairperson Welfare Secretariat,
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010.

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