Sunday, December 26, 2010

Report Meeting With ITD

Friday, June 18, 2010

On 12nd May 2010, 2.30 - 3.45 pm at the Office of ITD, there were 2 representative from SRC and the advisor of SRC has meeting with Director of ITD. The main purpose of the meeting is, ITD now is promoting MySMS service which is for students. Instead of using IIUM Portal to check the result, students can use the service to do so. ITD are encouraging students to use the service, so that IIUM Portal no need to serve many user especially during peak time. This service is very easy to use with some charge need to pay by the user. ITD hopes that students will utilize the service wisely.

ITD now also try to get the feedback from students about the service. The director of ITD said, ITD now are working hard on restructure the official website of IIUM. So, they need the opinion or idea from students what need to be in the website so that our website will be the best website among the universities in Malaysia. Other than that, the Director hope that, students can hosting their website using IIUM hosting. In addition, he said that our university have many programs but the visitor do not know about the program due to outside hosting.

Regarding wireless issue, the Director said, their target is to ensure that IIUM is cover by wireless connection. The performance of the connection is other issue due to budget. However, ITD will try their best to give the best wireless service to students. Furthermore, Director of ITD recommended students to have the original version of antivirus software. He said, many students used free version of antivirus and this is not good either for laptop or desktop where the protection is not optimum. This situation can affect the connection is IIUM because the biggest user of wireless in IIUM is students itself. So, the Director recommended students to use F Secure Antivirus. Students can get it at the ‘koperasi’ near center with price about 75 ( 3 users).

Other than that, the Director also mention about the students webmail. Each student to have their own webmail and they can use it for free. He said, students must take the advantage of having the webmail because there are a lot of feature we can get from the service. ITD is collaborated with the Microsoft for this webmail service.

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