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Report on Meeting with Y. Bhg Prof Datuk Khairil Anas Jusoh, Special Officer to Prime Minister

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The meeting was dated on 9th August 2010, 10.30 pm – 11.30 pm at the Senate Hall. It was chaired by Prof. Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod, Deputy Rector (Student Affairs). The meeting began with a welcoming remark from the Chairman and he explained the objective of the meeting which is to provide an opportunity for IIUM students' leaders to meet and to have a dialogue with Y.Bhg Prof Datuk Khairil Anas Jusoh who was a students' leader during his study in IIUM.

Y. Bhg Datuk introduced himself and shared with the students' leaders his experience on his involvement in student movement when he was studied in IIUM. He was a member of SRC during 1992/1993 session. After that, Y. Bhg Datuk opened the floor for discussion and gave the chance for the students' leaders to ask any question regarding to any matter

The question/suggestion/request and the respond from rector are as below:





Sr. Zatil Arifah (Vice President III, SRC) asked about Y. Bhg Datuk opinion regarding the future Malaysian leaders

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that theoretically, the current students' leaders should be the future Malaysian leaders. However, practically, the one who will be the Malaysian leader is who was not being a students' leader during his study. Due to that, he challenged all the students' leaders to be the Malaysian leaders in the future. He also said that, the current post you were holding in the university was just training for us. The real world is when we graduated.


Sr. Izyan Hazwani (Chairperson of Welfare Sec, SRC) asked about students involvement in politic

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that every student has parents and the students belong to their parents. Y. Bhg Datuk asked about the real intention of the parents for sending their children to the university and the answer is to study. Thus, Y. Bhg Datuk advised the students to focus on the real intention and the core business of a student.


Br. Afiq (Former President, Mahallah Ali) questioned why the overseas students are allowed to involve in politic compared to local students

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that the overseas students did involve directly with politics. As local students not allowed involving because we have some limitation.


Br. Asyraf (President of ARCHIMIC) said that students' leaders should focus on issue in IIUM

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with him by saying there are differences in leadership in campus and outside. Leaders should play their own role. The leaders have to have good 'niat' and the intention and attention


Sr. Hafizah (President of Mahallah Asma') inquired a comment from Y. Bhg Datuk about the need of a role model. However, the role model should not necessarily a politician.

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with her by saying that the role model should not necessarily just a person. We can choose many persons to be our role model for example one role model for one area and as a leader, we should learn and know many areas for example economy, education, religion and also politic.


Sr. Hidayatul Karimah (Secretary General of SRC) said that people were saying that the current students' leaders are not as aggressive as the former students' leaders.

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that he disagreed with that. He said that time is different. The needs during the previous time are different compared to the current. Thus, the students' leaders must define the current need and act based on that.


Sr. Amy (Secretary General of ENGINIUS) asked Y. Bhg Datuk how he handled issues rose during his time being an SRC.

Y. Bhg Datuk answered by saying that during his time, it was very beginning. Thus, they just need to settle the very basic issues for example separating brother & sister. However, nowadays, the students' leaders should focus on bigger issue for example how to compete with non-muslim in industrial sector.


Sr. Atiqah (WAFA) said that leadership is a dai'e. She then asked about what is the best way to be the best leader

Y. Bhg Datuk responded by saying that he agreed with that and the best leader is the one who know what is the real need of his followers.


Br. Yusri (Chairperson of Academic Sec, SRC) gave his opinion about being a leader is a responsibility that leaders have to carry. A leader must be a well-informed people, used the information to be a good leader and understand what he is doing

Y. Bhg Datuk responded by saying all leaders are well informed people and educated enough to think about what should be done. However, most of the leaders not think before do something. A leader should have a principle to think and digest the information and spread it.


Sr. Hafizah (President of Mahallah Asma') said that when involve in 'outside world', there are many external factors that opposite our principal for example shaking hands between male & female and she asked how to face the situation

Prof. Nik responded that the challenge outside will grow our maturity. A leader must be decisive and handle any issue according to priority.


Br. Muhammad Firwan (President of SRC) raised an issue of 1 Malaysia which has not been practice accordingly. He mentioned that during a last MPP Convention, there is a programme only for Malays although there were many Chinese and Indian. He then brought an issue on ranking university where Malaysia emphasizes to achieve ranking university while university students' morality is not that good. Third issue raised by him was a common practice for example by politician to shake hands with different gender, where as politicians, they should know the hukm.

1 Malaysia:

Y. Bhg Datuk answered by saying the sincerity of the government to uphold the 1 Malaysia concept is there. 1 Malaysia should be evolved dynamically and perhaps new approach should be taken on how to make Malaysians together with government in upholding the concept. Students' leaders may help government to improve the concept.

Ranking university:

A university has to achieve higher rank. The issue of personality / moral must not be the obstacle of the main objective of the university. It is hope for all of us to have a good personality of students.


Sr. Nur Sakinah (EMSS) said that the students should focus on study however, she think that the students should know what the issue happen around them is and have a concern to society.

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with her. However, the students are not in the authority to decide. Students always to think about what the government is doing and can give a judgment either negative or positive.


Br. Faez (SRC) raised an issue of terrorist exist among IIUM students which make the students feel afraid and unsafe and stop from doing any activities or programmes. He assisted a help from Y. Bhg Datuk since he is closed with the Prime Minister

Y. Bhg Datuk responded by saying he did discussed with Majlis Member on the issue. The government is looking this issue in a broader view and the police are doing their job accordingly. Nothing to be fear of.


Br. Asyraf (ARCHIMIC) gave his opinion by saying that all of us have a choice to choose but why we always go for extreme. Your perception is depending on the choices. Malays can compete with others if have a confident. He then asked about when he should stop to involve in programmes, society and to spend more time with his family

Y. Bhg Datuk agreed with him then answered that he should continue on what he is doing. His family will understand and support him for every beneficial things he did.


Sr Izyan (SRC) said that she respect the differences in opinion however we should clearly understand which is right and which is wrong. She then said that MPP may plays a role in promoting the concept of 1 Malaysia

Y. Bhg Datuk responded that he will bring forward the matters discussed to the higher authority.

Towards the end, Prof Dr Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod thanks Y.Bhg Prof Datuk Khairil Anas Jusoh for his time spent on the dialogue. The dialogue ended approximately at 11.30 pm by recitation of tasbih kafarah and Surah al-'Asr.

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