Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayer of Qunut Nazilah For Gaza


Students’ Representative Council IIUM would like to request from you to do Qunut Nazilah every after fardu solah!!!

For those who have links & connections with mussolla and masjid, please update jemaah and qariah latest updates about the convoy to Gaza and please do Qunut Nazilah every after fardu solah…

This is what had been taught by our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Not to mention for those who have link and connections with Malaysian Leaders, URGE and FORCE our government and Prime Minister to makes statement and makes decision to help!!! No need to wait any longer!!!

My humble request for all my brothers and sisters, please disseminate this message and pray our best. Allah looks at our prayer!!

May ALLAH destroy all Israelian plannings & actions!!!

Khaibar-khaibar ya ya Yahud!!! Jaisyu Muhammad Saoufa ya u'd!!!!!;;;

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